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Hello, I'm the new editor for the online magazine,, and I'm trying to make it as open to the whole LGBT community as possible. For the December issue, I am hoping to get a couple of articles about queers and the holidays, such as Jewish, Christian, Pagan, etc. Even though the calls include fiction, I am more interested in nonfiction, such as interviews, news items, essays, etc.

Thank you for your time,


Fiction: Queries welcome, but not required. Your piece should be about 1000 words. Often, shorter is better. Vignettes are always welcome.

Features: Instruct, enlighten or motivate your reader in about 500 to 800 words. More are okay, if the subject and quality warrants it. The piece must be topical. Commentaries welcome. Articles about events must be dated. We encourage art in support of these pieces!

News: 250 to 500 words. The story should consist of your original copy, not submissions from news outlets. All news must be dated.

Art: Photos, drawings, etc., are highly encouraged. Please submit as .jpg files. Include information about the piece, such as subject, commentary, etc.

-By making a submission, you are certifying you own the rights to the material and are authorized to submit it for publication.

-The editors reserve the right to make necessary changes for punctuation, spelling and grammar, and insertion of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) key words.

-Language appropriate to the topic is required. Since we have so many titles, it’s difficult to set any strict rules, but keep your readership in mind when you write. We believe in free speech, but reasonable limits should be considered. Additionally, we encourage you to use SEO key words that will attract hits to your submission.

-All submissions will be via email. No paper, “hard copy” submissions will not be considered. Email stories formatted as discussed to or

-Copy will be in either 10- or 12-point Times New Roman with standard formatting. Extravagant formatting, colors, art within the body of the copy, etc. is not acceptable.

-Submit only as .doc or .txt files.

-IMPORTANT: At the top of the first page, place your name, address, phone number, email address and, if you are submitting work for pay, your Tax ID number (see below). No work will be accepted without this.

-Author retains rights. We pay upon acceptance. Payment will be based on published word count. Depending on the article, we will pay $.01 - $.015 per word, with a $5.00 minimum. For US residents, you will need to provide an IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN), which is available at,,id=98350,00.html. It is easy and free to get an EIN online (or via fax or mail). Please follow the link and click “How to Apply for an EIN”. We do not employ IRS W-9 forms.

Wondering if an EIN is the right choice for you? Michelle L. Devon writes in her article “Tips for Freelance Contractors”: “Go to this IRS website and apply for an employer identification number (EIN). This will prevent you from having to provide the freelance employer your social security number. After you have this number, you need not provide the employer with any other information besides your business name and EIN.”

You can find this article at:

We will let you know if we have accepted your piece for publication in less than 60 days.

Parent company: 10th Power Media:
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Right now in my literature class we are reading/discussing a book called The Cocaine Chronicles. We are focusing on addiction and it's many consequences.

Would anyone be willing to share their personal stories whether it be past, present, friends/family, drugs, gambling, sex, etc...

I know this can be a personal topic so I apologize for prying, but I'm interested so I can better understand, compare real to the ficticious stories in this compilation, and better understand how to help some family and friends of mine.

Thank you.

If you like, you can email my at

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A NOTE FROM HANNAH: This reading is not work safe & could be triggering.

A NOTE FROM ALAN: While I don't agree to any forms of censorship, I do believe people should be allowed to chose what they are exposed to. With that said; this reading contains some strong language and sexual content, which some listeners may not find appropriate for them.


Feel free to tell others about the podcast, but please link to this thread, not directly to the mp3 as we are using various mirrors for hosting. The link should be:

The Grrrl Zine Book Project

Hi zine ladies!

***if you submitted your zine for consideration for the grrrl zine book project and never heard back from me please leave a comment and i will get in touch with you pronto. i seemed to have lost a lot of emails on my no longer yahoo account and can't remember off the top of my head everyone who submitted. i know there is Melissa Ann of Shes So Very and a couple other ladies who haven't heard back from me and whose emails were lost with that account. i am SOOOO sorry!!!! i would normally look in the back of your zine for your info but a few of them happen to be in boxes i shipped to myself when i moved last week & i hate to keep ya waiting even longer ****

for those who don't know what i'm talking about..i am still taking submissions and will make sure everyone gets a response!:....

do you identify as female?

do you make a perzine?

is making zines a huge part of your life?

is it thereaputic?

do you want to be published?

i wanna hear from you!


be a part of the grrrl zine book project!

be a part of the grrrl zine book project!

DO YOU MAKE A PERZINE? (personal zine)




email me:

for details & submission guidelines & questions & mailing info!!

the project is seeking twenty zines & we have only selected ten! so send now for consideration!

Everyone will get a response!!!
(if you haven't heard from me yet it is because a bunch of zines got sent to new hampshire & im having them fwd'd to me in washington! sorry for the long wait!)



DO YOU MAKE A PERZINE? (personal zine)




email me:

for details & submission guidelines & questions & mailing info!!

the project is seeking twenty zines & we have only selected eight! so send now for consideration!


Is creating your zine therapeutic…a necessary part of your life? Do identify as female? Send a sample of your zine for consideration and be a part of the Zine Book Project! Email: for info on where to send your zine (there will be a Po box by Tuesday of next week ... )

Calling Queer Youth North of Boston

A friend of mine is doing this project. It sounds incredibly cool, but I'm way over 21. For those who aren't, here's the info.
Calling Queer Youth
Are you a queer youth, or do you know one? Like to write?
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The application process is very simple, and contributors can use a pseudonym or be anonymous. For an application or information, e-mail or call the office at (603) 431-1013.

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i'v been up all night working on a website for my new literary arts magazine/journal... it's called Scat!

Scat! is a literary arts zine which hopes to publish four times a year. We seek to publish writers and artists with wild imaginations.. who aren’t afraid to really put themsevles into all that they produce. This journal hopes to spark creativety, share artistic visions, and give a voice to artists of all kinds.

You can submit up to FIVE POEMS, prose, photography, visual art, comics, film & book reviews, artist interviews, and anything else that you might want to propose..

All writing and art submissions can be submitted electronically or through snail mail. work sent via snail mail will not be returned.

with each submission please include a brief cover letter introducing yourself. (assuming i don;t already know you=) also, please provide contact info!

i know how amazing some of you writers & artists no excuses.... send submissions to: