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i'v been up all night working on a website for my new literary arts… - Amazon Writers

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May 16th, 2005

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01:38 am
i'v been up all night working on a website for my new literary arts magazine/journal... it's called Scat!

Scat! is a literary arts zine which hopes to publish four times a year. We seek to publish writers and artists with wild imaginations.. who aren’t afraid to really put themsevles into all that they produce. This journal hopes to spark creativety, share artistic visions, and give a voice to artists of all kinds.

You can submit up to FIVE POEMS, prose, photography, visual art, comics, film & book reviews, artist interviews, and anything else that you might want to propose..

All writing and art submissions can be submitted electronically or through snail mail. work sent via snail mail will not be returned.

with each submission please include a brief cover letter introducing yourself. (assuming i don;t already know you=) also, please provide contact info!

i know how amazing some of you writers & artists are...so no excuses.... send submissions to:


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