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Amazon Writers

Cruelty-Free Women's Writing Group

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This community is an online cruelty-free writing group loosely affiliated with The Amazon Slam an all woman poetry slam. This group is for women (the only reason membership has to be approved by the moderator): any queer woman, straight woman or transwoman who writes poetry and/or creative nonfiction. To join just click on the "click here to join" button. A message will then be sent to the moderator girlsnqueers who (unless you're an obvious troll) will most likely approve you.

Any member can critique work or post poetry or creative nonfiction for comment, but to avoid Writing Group Hell you must follow the guidelines listed here and then illustrated in detail here. So that your criticism is actually helpful to writers. Do not post fiction here. You are welcome to start your own community for fiction writers if you so desire. If you post work here, you should also critique. If you critique the work of others, you should also post your own. The goal is to encourage women writers, to give them good self-editing skills plus the motivation to continue their writing and to (eventually) send finished works out for publication (possibly in Nest O' Vipers which has been dormant for some time but will resume publication once we get some good, fresh submissions. We also pay our contributors!).
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